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Pan cels are some of my favorite cels to collect for a couple of reasons. They often come from important and memorable scenes. Also, the large size makes for a more highly detailed cel/background and in many instances, a pan cel will feature a more complete view of a character's costume.

 Usagi Disguised as a Cool Bus Attendant

 Mimete Alarmed at Professor Tomoe's Reaction

 Pegasus Offers to Show Chibi Usa Illusion

 Sailor Jupiter and Mars Come to the Rescue

 Sailor Senshi Pose

 Usagi Imagines Rei Scolding Her

 The Girls Dance at the Princess Seminar

 Artemis and Luna Spend a Lazy Day at Home

 Moonlight Knight Bowing

 Sailor Moon and Mamoru Being Blasted by Ann

 Rubeus and the Ayakashi Sisters

 "Give It to Me Now!"
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