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Pan cels are some of my favorite cels to collect for a couple of reasons. They often come from important and memorable scenes. Also, the large size makes for a more highly detailed cel/background and in many instances, a pan cel will feature a more complete view of a character's costume.

 Twin Witches, Ptilol and Cyprine

 Sailor Moon Protects Mistress Nine

 Chibi Usa's Scrapbook Gift From Minako

 Sailor Moon Declines Snow Queen Kaguya's Offer

 Super Sailor Moon Brings Out Her Ginzuishou

 "Leave It To Us!!"

 Chibi Usa Imitates a Famous Artist

 "The Person I Look Up To . . ."

 Chibi Usa Flies With Pegasus

 Super Chibi Moon

 Ami and Rei Baking Cookies

 The Gang in High School Fukus
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Gallery Created: 8/12/2003
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