Sailor Moon - Pans: Vertical

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Pan cels are some of my favorite cels to collect for a couple of reasons. They often come from important and memorable scenes. Also, the large size makes for a more highly detailed cel/background and in many instances, a pan cel will feature a more complete view of a character's costume (especially vertical pans).

 "That can't be!!"

 Chibi Usa Talks with Artemis

 Ves-Ves and Palla-Palla Taunt the Sailor Senshi

 Cere-Cere and Jun-Jun Taunt the Sailor Senshi

 Sailor Pluto Battles a Mirror Parody

 Eternal Sailor Moon Scolds Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow

 Rei Decides to Pursue Mamoru

 Ms. Akiyama Reveals Her Beautiful Dress

 Sailor V Game Poster
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