Sailor Moon - Pans: Vertical

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Pan cels are some of my favorite cels to collect for a couple of reasons. They often come from important and memorable scenes. Also, the large size makes for a more highly detailed cel/background and in many instances, a pan cel will feature a more complete view of a character's costume (especially vertical pans).

 "I Do Not Deal Well With Girls Fighting"

 Nephlite Sits Thinking In His Chair

 The Dream Princess

 Usagi Admires Some Lovely Paintings

 Injured Mamoru

 Princess Serenity Holds An Injured Tuxedo Mask

 Yuuichirou in Ski Gear

 Minako and Katarina on a Picnic

 Princess Serenity Sacrifices Herself For Endymion
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Curator: ~ Luna-Art ~
Gallery Created: 8/12/2003
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