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When I started collecting, I had no idea what these types of cels were called ? I just knew I wanted one . . . badly. A harmony cel is where the majority of the image is painted on the background rather than the cel. The acetate will usually have only simple lines on it that help define the image. The result makes it look more like a watercolor painting than a cel. Harmony cels are high on my wishlist. The S series is literally riddled with harmony cels, especially of Haruka and Michiru. Where are all these cels?? The hunt continues . . .

 A Girl Gives Her Lover a Gift

 Usagi Makes a Tough Decision

 Young Chibi Usa Looks Up in Surprise

 Young Chibi Usa Looks Down in Embarrassment

 Chibi Usa Gets Teased

 Chibi Usa Gets Teased

 Usagi Admires Some Lovely Paintings

 Young Chibi Usa is Comforted by Her Mother

 Neo-Queen Serenity Comforts Young Chibi Usa
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